Bareboat International, LLC provides  exotic "bareboat" cruising in the US and abroad. We sponsor groups and process payments and alleviate group concerns regarding liability concerns. "Leave the driving to us." Bareboat is a boating term which simply means that you will be a crew participant on a yacht cruise with a private captain. You will be given the option to customize your cruising adventure with up to 8 other participants on a 40 to 60 foot yacht. You will participate on this vacation as a crew member in training in which you have a choice to learn boating skills and teamwork while enjoying the exotic experience of cruising on a luxury yacht. Whether it's in the Caribbean or the United States, all ports of call are a unique, fun, safe and exotic experiences. Land is always in sight. You have a choice of roles that extend from First Mate to Cook and a host of other roles. We look forward to your participation on our next adventure.

Leading these excursions is Captain Tony Ford.  Captain Ford has been a USCGA Flotilla Commander in the 5th District Southern of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. Captain Ford also is an instructor with US Coast Guard Auxiliary as well as a Vessel Examiner. Captain Ford also has handled Public Education and Materials for the US Coast Guard Auxiliary unit to help promote Safe Boating.  Captain Ford helps schedule Operations and participate in Safe Boating Patrols. Captain Ford is also a member of the Seafarers Yacht Club of Annapolis, Maryland. Captain Ford has been a member of both the USCGA and Seafarers Yacht Clubs for over 10 years.  Captain Ford has been boating as a Captain since 1989.  Captain Ford is an avid swimmer, scuba diver, lifeguard instructor and water safety instructor. Captain Ford is also a certified First Aid and CPR/AED Instructor. Other Captains with similar experiences and backgrounds include Captain Heyward Burrell who has over 30 years of yachting skill and experience and Captain Georgette Gregory who has over 25 years of yachting skill and experience.